While not everyone is musically inclined, there are plenty of people out there that are willing to give it a shot, at least once. The biggest problem that these people face is the fact that instruments are seemingly quite difficult to learn, and almost impossible to truly master, and many feel dissuaded from putting in a few hours of practice every night.

Guitars tend to be the instruments that most budding musicians start out with, as they’re the most well known and the most widespread. But guitars aren’t the only instruments out there, and are certainly not the easiest to learn for a complete beginner. Instead, focus on these starter instruments that are easy to learn, and allow the musician to slowly grow in skill until they feel comfortable enough to more on to something more advanced in the future.

1. Ukulele

The ukulele is that instrument that looks like a small guitar, consists of four strings and a body, and is most often associated with Hawaii.

Ukuleles are the very easiest instrument to learn and are perfect for those wanting to get a feel for what it’s like playing an instrument for the first time.

The chords are simple and quick to learn, and a large variety of songs can be mastered in the matter of a few weeks – making it the perfect instrument to pick up and play after having a game of real money online pokies.

2. Bongos

Bongo drums originally come from Cuba, and consist of two conjoined drums. They’re much more basic than the kind of drum set that would normally be found in a full-time band, and they can provide endless hours of entertainment, especially for those that find themselves outdoors at beach parties.

Bongos are cheap, easy to maintain, and they don’t require too much initial skill to learn.

3. Harmonica

The harmonica is the classic instrument most commonly found in genres like jazz, blues, and country.  Made of a single mouthpiece, the harmonica is a device that has no moving or replacement parts and requires that the musician learn not only the placement of the harmonica itself, but also the amount of air that’s required to produce the music.

They’re available at most music shops, and are extremely straightforward to learn – not to mention their size means they can be taken anywhere, even on a road trip or aeroplane.

4. Glockenspiel

The glockenspiel is a traditional German instrument that is most often found in marching or school bands. It’s like a xylophone, albeit much smaller, and instead of wooden bars, the glockenspiel is made up of metal.

They produce bright, metallic notes that work well with other orchestral instruments, and are perfect for those wanting something more traditional.

5. The Piano

Surprisingly, despite how complicated the piano may seem to the uninitiated, it’s an easy instrument to learn, especially for adults.

One of the reasons that the piano is easy to learn is because the full range of notes is laid out in front of the player, meaning they don’t need to learn each note from memory, such as they would with other instruments.