Most modern wedding ceremonies and customs tend to stick to a set of traditions that have been around for the last century or so.

Such traditions as giving a potential partner an engagement ring, or having a ceremony and reception are just two well-known commonalities that have stood the test of time and have remained popular to this day.

But not everyone wants to do things by the book, and it can allow the bride and the groom to indulge in their more creative sides by looking at some alternatives to traditions that have become more popular in recent years, and allow for a more unique wedding that will be remembered for years to come.

1. Different Gemstones

Diamonds are those flawless, clear gemstones that have become most associated with weddings, specifically when it comes to the engagement ring that the groom traditionally gives to his fiancée. One of the reasons for this is an extremely successful campaign by the De Beers Company that pushed expensive diamonds as a way of showing love and affection.

But Millennials are starting to turn away from diamonds, and are instead looking at other valuable gemstones on the market, much in the same way as they’re turning to other industries for entertainment, such as sports betting NZ.

Aquamarine, tanzanite, ruby, sapphire, and emerald are examples of gemstones that are much more unique for a ring and come with the bonusof being colourful.

2. Creating a Unique Menu

Catering is a business that has grown to massive proportions thanks to the widespread popularity of weddings, and it’s become difficult to throw a large wedding without having a professional caterer on standby.

But not only are caterers expensive, but they often have a limited menu selection. Instead of opting to go for whatever menu they have available, instead indulge in a personal menu that’s made entirely from scratch, and that will be appreciated by those attending the reception. Even something as simple as having a large order of pizzas on offer can prove popular with guests who are hungry after a long ceremony.

3. The Wedding Dress

Dressmakers have made a profession out of creating expensive wedding dresses that most people can only afford to rent for an afternoon to suit the dress code. And most wedding dresses, although unique in their own designs, tend to be much the same. But there are no rules saying that wedding dresses are absolutely necessary, and it’s much easier to instead find something that both fits the theme and is comfortable to wear, especially during those ceremonies that can sometimes take hours to complete. And dresses aren’t for everyone – the bride can wear whatever she wants – it’s her day, after all.

4. No Wedding Presents

Wedding presents as a concept have been around for thousands of years, but were once more commonly known as a dowry. But with the economy becoming harsher every year, it can be an expensive venture for most guests.

The easiest way around this is to instead get rid of wedding gifts completely, and rather focus on the experience of the wedding rather than what we can be physically gained.