There are many scams on the internet you must be aware of, from shopping scams to dating scams. The internet can be a cruel place at times. There are even many trading scams which people fall for through social media or cold calls.

When you are preparing for your wedding, there are many scams which you must be aware of. It is a sector for people to get scammed because people are desperate to get things sorted last minute. Scammers realise this desperation and take advantage of those who are desperate.

What Are The Most-Common Scams for Weddings

Due to the internet, there are many internet scams that people need to be wary of, especially when planning your wedding. These scams can be crippling to your bank account and change your life forever. You could lose so much money that you can’t afford to pay the rest of your wedding expenses.

Spam emails are something that everyone receives a lot and this is one of the main reasons why people get scammed. These scams are easy to spot however, there is the odd spam email that slips through and can manage to trick you. During wedding planning, you could be vulnerable to one of these scams.

“Overpayment” or “Advanced Fee” is a common type of scam when planning weddings. This scam involves you enquiring about a service for your wedding. The company will then ask for an “advanced fee” which is essentially a deposit.

Another way they will scam you for money much higher than your deposit. They will ask for this money because they claim they will need to pay the other vendors which they have hired. They claim the vendors don’t accept credit card payments or even online payments. The scammer will then offer to send you a check or pay with your credit card with them. It is so you can pay the other vendors. The check or credit card payment will then be rejected and the payment cancelled. The other lenders are fake which means they have received your money and are now with the scammer(s). They may also ask for cash that they will reimburse.

What To Do If You Have Fallen For a Wedding Scam?

Wedding scams are becoming increasingly popular so you must be vigilant to avoid losing your money. You must never pay a vendor when you don’t know them as this is likely to be a scam. If they are trying to push you for your money, then alarms should be ringing at this point as well. A professional vendor would never push you to give them money immediately.

If you fall for one of these scams then you must contact a solicitor for fraud recovery. They may be able to help you in retrieving your money back or at least some of the money.