Plan Early!

We can all understand how stressful it must be to plan what is supposed to be the best day of your life. A day you have dreamt about since you were young. To ensure that the day is perfect, it is important you start planning early, to avoid any last-minute dilemmas and ensure everything runs smoothly. The earlier you begin to plan, the easier and less stressful your day will be as it quickly approaches. The best way to start planning is by making lists to give you a rough idea of everything you have to organize and how big of a budget you need.


Your wedding album is something you will look back on and cherish forever, showing younger generations memories of your special day. So, picking the right photographer is essential and can take more time than you think. Make sure you do some thorough online research and look at different styles of photographers and pick one that suits you and your wedding. It is also important to make sure the photographer knows exactly what you want and understands your envision.

Treat Yourself

Not only is it important to look good on your wedding day, but it is also important to feel good. Treat yourself to some personal pampering. Perhaps a facial or a massage. Or maybe some designer lingerie to have you feeling extra special on your wedding. Allowing yourself some treats like these will have you feeling more confident and calm the nerves. Some fresh pyjamas are always a good idea to slip into when the big day is over. You can find an array of womens sleepwear online to choose from depending on what style you want, you may want to go for something sexy or comfortable, the choice is totally yours.

Cocktail Hour

It is important to make your party extra special for your guests. After all, some of them may have travelled for a long time just to see you and celebrate with you. Organizing something fun and different to do with your guests is always the best way to get your party started after the ceremony. A good idea is to have a cocktail hour where you and your guests create an array of different cocktail to drink.


Instead of hiring a DJ to come and play all the generic wedding tunes, it is actually a good idea to create your own playlists whereby you can include all your favourite music that is personal to you and you family and friends. This is also a way to save money as it doesn’t require spending money on a DJ. All you need is a sound system which often comes with your venue. Of course, making a long playlist requires some time and planning but it is always a fun and therapeutic thing to do so it is always good to start early to insure you have the best playlist. You can also save the playlist and listen back as a special reminder of your special day.