Entertainment and art have witnessed immense transformations in the past few decades. That is due to technology and its resultant innovations helping usher in newer spectrums of how fun gets conceptualized. The world of entertainment has tremendously grown from becoming just an instrument to entertain but also to teach. Technology’s broad reach has even helped give more comprehensive coverage to art and entertainment ever than before.

A new innovative branch of entertainment is the area of TV shows franchising. Firms are increasingly aware that consumers growing need to watch captivating series and movies from their comfort and consider this lucrative area to branch into. TV shows franchising is slowly but surely beginning to become a new norm in televisions’ digital age. Enthusiast can see more electronic reviews to know about the varying brands available.

Although particular transnational companies have already achieved considerable recognition and international clout in the TV franchising sphere, new companies are also rising to try their luck and stifle competition. Some of the most captivating franchising TV shows series available are

True Detective (HBO, 2014 – 2019)

An indeed entertaining series of the last decade is True detective by HBO. This series started in 2014 as a trend capable of changing Hollywood for the foreseeable future. The impact “True Detective” made was beyond the industry regular. The first season is a testament to the aesthetic beauty that the series had to offer. It had added a touch of humour, intensity, and texture to Pizzolatto’s labyrinthian mystery. Moreover, the director and writer worked together as the partners on the screen to produce something they could have never accomplished.

The Terror” (AMC, 2018 – present)

AMC saw beyond it’s walking dead franchise to bring forth The terror. The series is an anthology period drama that views historical events through the supernatural and horror lens. In the first season, the movie gave a fictionalized narrative of Captain Sir John Franklin’s lost journey to the Arctic in the 1840s. Two Royal Navy ships became icebound in the Northwest Passage and left no survivors. The creative execution of Season 1 paves the way for the second season, which places a Japanese ghost story twist within an internment camp during World War II.

Superstore (NBC, 2015-present)

A fantastic series to watch is the Superstore by NBC. The series comes at a time where the middle class is gradually getting erased from reality. The series offers an unapologetic yet hilarious look at employment in a big box store where staffs flirt with each other and the poverty line. The series engages head-on with lots of pressing socio-cultural issues, including sexism, labour, parental leave, gun control, and undocumented immigration. It also remains one of the funniest shows of the decade.

One Day at a Time (Netflix, 2017-2019)

The series ‘One day at a time” is dynamic in its ways. Unlike other series aired, it radiates warmth and humanity, both for audiences watching at home and the characters on screen. The series is a balm for the soul and reassurance that difficult times do not linger for too long and that love and goodness; though they are not real, they are still attainable.

Homecoming (Amazon Prime, 2018 – present)

Soaring from the beginning, the noir-drama proved to be a tense thriller aiming for glue at the audience’s attention. It provides tons of intricate puzzle for viewers to unpack, all the way up to its startling ending. The series gets filled with an emotionally-involved ride that bewilders the audience with its funny twists and turns.

Digital entertainments keep on captivating audience attention and are one the new wave of the entertainment industry. With tons of resources available on the internet, anyone can even go ahead to tell their own unique stories. The issue of an audience to sell to are far solved by TV series franchising. When looking for unique props and costume to get for that series, Zavvi clothing has just what you need.