Ensuring that you wear clothing that fits you and is appropriate for the event you are attending is extremely important

Make Sure Your Outfit Fits You

Ensuring that your outfit fits you is arguably the most important thing you should aim for when you attend a wedding. You should put your wedding outfit on a few weeks in advance to see if everything still fits right, if not you still have plenty of time to buy some more clothes to fit you, ensuring that you look your best at the wedding.

Understand The Dresscode

You should ensure that you know the dress code of the wedding at least a few weeks before the event to ensure that you have enough time to obtain the right luxury streetwear for the occasion. There are several different dress codes at weddings including:

  • White Tie: White tie weddings are the most formal type of wedding there is, it is the type of wedding that the royal family or statesmen at the White House attend. As the name suggests a white tie or white bow tie is required at this event, this should be paired with a low-cut evening tailcoat that should be worn unbuttoned, the lapels should also be peaked. You will also need to wear a low-cut white evening waistcoat. Additionally, you need to make sure that the shirt underneath the waistcoat is left visible.
  • Black Tie Weddings: Black tie weddings are a step down from white tie weddings but they still require considerable effort from those involved, typically in a black tie wedding you will usually wear a tuxedo and a black tie or bowtie to a black tie wedding as the name suggests.
  • Formal Weddings: Formal weddings are a step down from black tie weddings, but it is worth noting that this type of wedding attire still has the word ‘formal in the name’ however guests will have much more room to add their personal touch than the more formal wedding attire options. For a formal event, you should wear a suit paired with a tie or bow tie, When you are choosing a suit colour you should choose one that is not too dark and instead opt for a suit that is navy blue, charcoal or dark blue.
  • Cocktail Or Semi-Formal Weddings: Cocktail or semi-formal weddings allow for a greater level of personalisation than more formal wedding attire options. This means guests can get away with wearing brighter and more extravagant outfit options. For weddings with this type of dress code wearing a tuxedo may seem out of place, if you still want to dress up you should instead wear a suit.
  • Casual Weddings: Casual weddings are the most laid-back type of wedding in terms of attire, but that doesn’t mean you should rock up wearing your heavyweight hoodie and a pair of jeans. Remember that this day is a big day for some and make some effort to at least dress slightly formal. Wearing a shirt and tie is an easy thing to pull off as it is better to overdress than to underdress.


Making sure you plan what you are going to wear a few weeks before you are due to attend a wedding can ensure that you rock up looking good.