While most men think packing for a honeymoon is similar to packing for a holiday, it’s also worth considering that it’s a once in a lifetime experience and most tend to find somewhere new, mysterious and far away when it comes to jetting away on a honeymoon. Here’s a guide to packing for your honeymoon.

Expect the Unexpected

While most venture off to somewhere sunny, finding a new exotic location does tend to include tropical weather, which may mean a little rain and wind occasionally. Even if it is just used in the airport, taking an affordable mens full tracksuit away with you means you are ready for anything. It also means you have something to lounge around in if you’re away for 2+ weeks! If you can find a mens hoodie sale then it also means you can leave it behind if you see yourself filling your suitcase with souvenirs.

A Proper Camera

Smartphones take great photos, but there is something about using a real camera that makes the moments better. SLRs also encourage you to take more photos and find picturesque places to practise a new hobby. Digital cameras come at all prices too so if your pockets are tightening as the wedding gets closer, have a look on eBay and see if you can find a bargain!

A Little Extra Romance

The romance doesn’t have to end at the wedding. Packing an extra little treat to surprise your wife is something she won’t be expecting. It could be a new dress to wear one evening, jewellery she’ll cherish forever or something a little outside the box. With a gift like this it’s all about the thought, it’s something you didn’t need to do, but you do it anyway to put a smile on her face!


Your honeymoon will more than likely be full of exciting trips, lounging at the beach and eating exotic food, but having some entertainment for any downtime is usually a good idea too. Mini board games, books and a tablet might not be needed, but it’s always good to have options on a long trip away.

UK Pharmaceuticals

It’s not the nicest thing to think about but, food poisoning, headaches and other unfortunate events can occur in tropical lands, so packing for it is always the safe option! Having UK bought medicine is always better as you know how you’ll react to it and will calm your nerves a little more.