Although alcohol is bad for your health, if overconsumed, people nowadays socialize by having a drink in pubs and clubs and often indulge in getting ‘drunk.’ People tend to make it a habit to drink every day as they meet different people. Making a habit of drinking alcohol can cause serious health issues, and you will need to address them immediately. You can get inspired from the below-listed celebrities who were once alcoholic, but understood the consequences of being addicts and thus, they changed their habits:

  1. Bradley Cooper – Bradley Cooper is a famous celebrity who is known to play comedic roles in the film industry. Cooper has faced lots of ups and downs in his life, which actually paid off. He was an alcoholic, drinking almost every day, in large quantities. However, he understood the consequences of being an alcoholic and tried hard to change his habit. Now since a decade after putting constant efforts, he is sober. He explained how being an alcoholic, his life became miserable, in an interview. You can read more about him in the Groomsmen glasses official website.
  2. Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter is one of the best movie series which children and young adults simply adore. The star who played the “Harry Potter” also shared his story and explained how alcohol actually affected his lifestyle and almost destroyed his career. He also stated that he became a recluse at the age of 20. He told the media how drinking alcohol damaged his body and his social life in an interview with Shortlist magazine in 2012.
  3. Carrie Fisher – Carrie Fisher is a well-known celebrity who is often known for her statements in public and her addictions, apart from being Princess Leia in a popular movie series named “Star Wars”. Her addictions include several other things besides alcohol. She often talks about her hardest struggles to overcome the habit of drinking alcohol with the media, so that people understand drinking alcohol destroys the body functionality, to a certain extent. Alcohol, drugs ruined her life and it took her, quite a few years to come over it.
  4. Billy Joel – There would hardly anyone in this world who wouldn’t know the famous pop and Rockstar, Billy Joel. Billy admitted that he started drinking excessive alcohol in his adult life. He used to drink almost every day for which his fellow musicians used to beg him to stop drinking and focus on music. Elton John (his touring partner and fellow musician) once stated that he needs to treat in some rough rehab centers as alcohol is creating a wedge between his personal life and career.
  5. Stephen King – Well, this famous personality across the world and an award-winning novelist also struggled hard to overcome his alcohol and drugs addiction. In the late 1980s, King understood how alcohol and drugs are destroying his life and career, and he needs to address this issue immediately. King’s friends and family have gathered enough evidence to determine that he has become a hardcore addict, upon which King approached them to help him to overcome his addictions.